Cloches À Travers Les Feuilles for solo piano 2008.
Cloches À Travers Les Feuilles, A tribute to Debussy.
Three part invention for solo piano 2008.
Completion Date: 2004
Completion Date: 2003
Borun, Darun, Gozar
Completion Date: 1999
Rudaki’s Chang
Rudaki’s Chang for chang and soprano, on Poem by Rudaki, 2008.
Premiered in British Museum by Tomoko Sugavara and
Maya Sapone in 2008.
Completion Date: 1999
Dialogue for Violin and Piano
Dialogue for Violin and Piano, London-2004.
(dedicated to Prof. H. Farhat)
Premiered by Verity Thirkettle and Matthew Mcomb in Trinity College of Music, 2010.
Completion Date: 2004
Neylabaki, Rammal, Kotshalvariye
Completion Date: 1999
Only The Sound Remains
Completion Date: 2007

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