Pendar - 2012


Tafreshipour’s compositions for Solo Piano, Oboe, Contrabass and Flute along a duet for Piano and Violin as well as a t ri o for Harp, Violin and Cello - all performed by Britain’s highly acclaimed musicians - has been collected in this album.

Çengnağme - 2014


An obsolete instrument from the 17th century ( originnaly from Persia) onwards, the çeng is a tiny mediaval lap-harp which proliferated in the Middle East. Çengnağme (The Song of the Çeng) is an attempt to present the various areas of use one could envision for the çeng today. While the album lets the sound of the çeng be heard by itself, it also pairs it up with its geaographical relatives such as the ney, the kemençe, the tanbur, the luth, kudüm and bendir and combines it with vocals. The music performed ranges from the distant past to the present time. There are old works, new ones and taksims to intertwine them. A Night in Shiraz by Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour is included in this album.
Along the Silk Road - 2009


Along The Silk Road with solo performances as well as in duo and trio configurations with the musicians on the record, the world famous flautist, Robert. Ms. Sugawara and her Kugo provide an enchanting, meditative excursion through many cultures, moods and ages. Her partner and manager, music archaeologist Bo Lawergren augments her performances with amusing anecdotes and painted illustrations of the Kugo from various historical contexts. A Night in Shiraz was commissioned by Tomoko Sugavara in 2008.
As a Book - 2010


Brazil / Atlantic Ocean and the plane crash in the fall and we lost valuable trainer and arpist Ceren Necipoğlu "like a book ..." Gallery, the artist's International Harp Festival in Rio called the repertoire, is performed by students and colleagues, recording studio and live recordings taken from his various concerts where consists of two CDs and a book. Ceren Necipoğlu truly want to turn this album, is a member of the Association prepared by Arp Art and also has the quality of a library. This is a collaborative album including compositions by Amir Mahyar Tafreshipour.

The Very Big Band - 1996


Composition students from the Academy of Music in Esbjerg, Denmark.
This CD was published by Esbjerg Music Academy in 1998.